Before and Afters part 3: Shan and Tom

Here is their lovely wedding day:

And again, 10 months later:

I mean seriously.  How skinnie can you get?  So impressed with those guys.

Before and Afters part 2: Shan and Moe

Here are the ones you have all been waiting for.  I am going to post a few from last weekend.  None of them are really full length pictures so you can't get the entire "picture", but its good enough.  To jog your memory:

And now, 10 months later:

Moe is on the left, Shan on the right.  (in case you couldn't tell)
Now don't you go thinking that just because we threw up some before and after pictures on the blog that we are done with it.  I still need to lose more, and I need motivation!  In fact, tomorrow I am re-starting weight watchers.  If you couldn't tell from my lack of posting, I haven't really been sticking to it.:(  But trying on bridesmaid dresses reminded me that I still have a while to go before I can look as good as my twinnie!


Before and Afters part 1: Moe and Chris

Over July 4th weekend, the family went to St. Louis to visit family and meet my little sister's inlaws.  We went to a St. Louis Cardinal's baseball game, and it was a blast.  In September, after Shan got married, we were lucky enough to get pictures taken at the Cardinal's stadium.  So here we were just about 10 months ago:

And here we are, on our anniversary, July 3rd:

I think you can really tell in Chris.  He is about 50 lbs lighter in this pictre, while I am about 20 lbs lighter.  I have a before of Shan and I at her wedding and she has an after so we just need to get those together so you can see the difference in us!