Getting my Groove Back!

I lost 2.6 this week!  I wrote down everything I ate, and didn't go off the diet at all this week.  I have been walking a lot lately.  The weather in Dallas is PHENOMENAL!  I have been taking the girls to a park or a duck pond almost everyday.  And G is kind of obsessed with riding her own little bike so I usually put Elia in the stroller and we just go wherever Gianna can ride to!
I hope that my last post wasn't too soap box-y.  I didn't mean to come across as a perfect eater.  Because I am NOT!  I would wolf down a McGriddle right now if it were in front of me even though I know it is one of the most unhealthy meals ever created.  Grease and fat taste good!  I just try to avoid at all costs.  I know I can also attribute my recent success with losing weight (like the past few weeks) with the fact that I am, ahem, on a normal , womanly cycle, if you catch my drift.  I have heard that nursing kind of makes your body store more fat than it truly needs since you are responsible for being able to produce so much food for another human being.  I am weening little E right now, so I know that is helping.
I am really excited because I am only 1.2 lbs away from losing 20!  That is quite a milestone.  I would love to have lost 30 by the time Biggest Loser is over at the end of May.  We shall see.


Jamie Oliver and Juice +

I'm sure every wellness/exercise/diet blog out there has in one way or another talked about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  I DVRed the entire series because I didn't want to miss an episode!  For those of you who haven't watched or heard anything about it (are you living under a rock?) I will give you a little synopsis:
Jamie is a celebrity chef and health campaigner in the UK.  He came over to America, specifically Huntington, West Virginia.  Huntington is statistically one of the unhealthiest cities in the country.  He started a grassroots movement- he first went to schools, then churches, and in the homes of the community.  He opens up a kitchen to teach people how to cook healthy.  He goes to an elementary school and completely changes their menu, and then the entire district adopts his change.  He talked to families and helped them learn to eat better.  And people all over the country, the world even, were watching this revolution unfold.  He made so many people aware, and for that I am so thankful.  He kept quoting a statistic through the whole series that is shocking and scary.  The statistic is that in the year 2010, children with obesity will not outlive their parents.  How scary is that?
Last weekend, I went to a Juice + party.  And it really opened my eyes to what I feed my kids.  There was a lot of talk about nutrition labels and ingredients that I had never looked at for my children.  When I looked at the apple sauce I have been feeding G for the past week or so, I saw that one of the first 3 ingredients is high fructose corn syrup.  Never mind that on the front of the package it says a healthy snack for kids!  A lot of what Juice + is all about is exactly what Jamie Oliver is trying to convey to the world.  Eat healthy things.  Eat fresh produce as much and as often as you can.  Eat things that come from the farm, not a factory.  I know how hard it is to make kids (esp 2 year olds) eat healthy.  But it is our obligation as good parents to do it!  I think I have come a long way in my dieting process.  I used to buy all the "diet" goodies that would satisfy my sweet tooth.  The Skinny Cow, the 100 calorie packs, etc. etc.  Now I am really more about eating natural, fresh, foods.  And if I fall off the wagon, its ok!  I just get back on and try to avoid them.  Weigh in is tomorrow, and I am pretty sure I did well.  We shall see...

Some good links:


Blah blah blah you get the point!

Hi everyone.  I have had some serious problem with blogging.  I have signed in and started to write a post so many times and then I just get writers block or something.  I just feel like right now I have nothing to write about!  Except that Last week I lost 2 lbs and this week I lost 1.6.  I know this looks exciting, but for some reason I feel very apathetic towards it all right now.  I have been pretty good about writing down what I have been eating and sticking to that, its just the fact that I haven't exercised!
I have not done a P90X video in at least a week.  Now that the Hub can't work out with me at night, my work out time is during nap.  But nap time is SO precious to me.  That is when I clean the house, make dinner, fold laundry, etc. etc. and if I am lucky, catch a nap or sit down to watch one of my favorite shows ever, Color Splash.  So I am thinking about doing an exercise class that would get me out of the house when he is home and then I would have other people (even if they are strangers) to work out with.  My rec center offers a jazzercise class that looks like a lot of fun.  I will keep you updated on that though.
Here are some other "issues" I have been wanting to talk about:
Vegetable fiber bread.  Has anyone out there tried any?  Its pretty good.  2 slices is only 70 calories, so I can pile on a little extra meat or cheese without feeling guilty.
Earth Grains: 35 Reduced Calorie Vegetable Fiber Wheat Bread, 16 oz
The Dukan diet. My husband found this on the internet and it is definitely a fad diet, But!  We might try it just to kick-start some quick weight loss for us.  It is very similar to South Beach, with its own "phases."  It says if you follow it, you can lose up to 11 lbs in 2 days.  What the what?  I will let you know if and when we do it.  Looks like a lot more work than I would prefer, but if it could help us win biggest loser, than I might consider it.
Speaking of Biggest Loser, Shannon and Tom won again last weigh-in, those jerks!    We will see what happens this week!  Ok, I must go.  Go to our page on facebook to offer us some motivational tips- we NEED it!!!


So, neither twinnie has written in a while,

and I know you have missed us! Not much new to report here, just plugging along. I'm still working out with the personal trainer and trying to eat healthy. My husband and I had some friends in town this past weekend, and it was really nice. Since we don't know that many people in the area, we had big plans of going out, shopping, and just hanging around. We went to a brewery and out to dinner and we barbecued and watched baseball. It was great! It made me realize that I have really cut the social drinking out of my life, and this alone is probably helping contribute to my weight loss.

I digress. I went shopping with my girlfriend that was in town, and I think I realized that I am now a size 10. Which, ladies and gentleman, hasn't seen my body in many years. So I am excited. But you know how sometimes different stores sizes run differently. But still. To feel very comfortable in a 10 was quite encouraging. So that is my motivation for the week- stay in those size 10 jeans and dress I just bought! Woo hoo!


Another engagement! Another motivation!

Besides my skinnie twinnie Shan, I haven't talked much about my family.  I am the 2nd oldest of 5- Meg, me, Shan, Col, and Ry.  Meg is the typical older sister- perfect in every way.  She is hard-working, beautiful, skinny (even after having 2 kids) and one thing that I really aspire to- organized!  Then there are the twins- Moe and Shan.  We are quite obviously the cool sisters.  We (and especially Shan) are the funny ones that everyone wants to be around at family get-togethers and other social events.  (I am totally embellishing here).  Col is next(I am going to skip over her real quick).  Then there is the lone brother, Ry.  He is a typical high schooler, except that he has 4 older sisters (not a fate many would envy).  So he isn't really all that typical.  He loves to play with his 4 nieces and nephews and he is just a great guy.
Ok so back to Col- she is probably the sweetest person I have ever met.  There is just not a bad bone in her body.  Kids LOVE her, they just sort of are drawn to her.  I would say she is kind of like the apple of our family's eye.  She is a little shorter than the rest of us and so my dad quite appropriately nicknamed her "Mouse."    Well, our little Col, our mouse, is all grown up and this past weekend she got engaged!!!  Another one bites the dust!  But seriously, we couldn't be happier for her.
So why am I talking about this on my weightloss blog?  Well, for one it is really exciting I can't not talk about it, but also, it is a great motivation for me to keep losing weight so I can look good at her wedding!  Woohoo!
Congrats Col!

The Ugly Truth

I gained weight while in Atlanta.  Since the birth of this blog, I have never gained.  I can't say I am surprised or anything.  I had all the best intentions to exercise and write down what I ate while in Atlanta, but it just didn't happen.  I would start out eating healthy and in small portions, but by the end of the day, my bro in law Ed would open up the bar and I was like putty when he would shake out a margarita for me.  Then there was the Easter candy that seemed to last all week long.  Reese's eggs=EVIL!!!

Shan got food poisoning the night before our scheduled personal training session, so that got nixed.  My husband has gained as well, so we are a little depressed about it.  BUT!  We are getting right back on the wagon.  Take a look at the latest skinnie twinnie pic:

You should see Shan.  She is HOT!  I haven't seen her this skinnie in a long time.  I am so jealous proud of her!  I will post more about ATL later, but I just wanted to send out an update to the blogosphere!


Cleaning Out My Closet

So I have been packing ALL DAY LONG.  I really hate packing, and I procrastinate by doing ANYthing else.  Organize my sock drawer, clean the bathrooms, paint my nails, you know, the usual procrastinating activities.  Well today I decided to organize my closet.  I basically tried on all my non-maternity clothes on, and most of them all fit!  How exciting is that?  Now they don't all look stunning on me, but the fact that I can zip up pants and skirts is quite the accomplishment!  So I moved almost all my maternity clothes (ecxept for some smaller sizes I used in my first and second trimester) to the back of my closet with all my bridesmaid dresses and winter clothes, and moved most of my other clothes to the front!  Yay!
The hub took today off and we started out with a bike ride.  We had done this same route a week ago and it was so easy!  But today was so, so windy (like tornado weather) and so it was MUCH harder.  I counted it as my cardio.  Getting so excited to unite with my skinnie twinnie soon!!!