Getting my Groove Back!

I lost 2.6 this week!  I wrote down everything I ate, and didn't go off the diet at all this week.  I have been walking a lot lately.  The weather in Dallas is PHENOMENAL!  I have been taking the girls to a park or a duck pond almost everyday.  And G is kind of obsessed with riding her own little bike so I usually put Elia in the stroller and we just go wherever Gianna can ride to!
I hope that my last post wasn't too soap box-y.  I didn't mean to come across as a perfect eater.  Because I am NOT!  I would wolf down a McGriddle right now if it were in front of me even though I know it is one of the most unhealthy meals ever created.  Grease and fat taste good!  I just try to avoid at all costs.  I know I can also attribute my recent success with losing weight (like the past few weeks) with the fact that I am, ahem, on a normal , womanly cycle, if you catch my drift.  I have heard that nursing kind of makes your body store more fat than it truly needs since you are responsible for being able to produce so much food for another human being.  I am weening little E right now, so I know that is helping.
I am really excited because I am only 1.2 lbs away from losing 20!  That is quite a milestone.  I would love to have lost 30 by the time Biggest Loser is over at the end of May.  We shall see.

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