YAY for us turning 28 today! Wish the skinnie twinnies could be together today. :( There is always next year!!


Picking up the pace...

I lost 3.5 lbs this week!! I am on cloud nine! This might be my biggest loss in a week yet. I even beat out the hub, who lost a not-so-shabby 2.4 lbs. How did I do this you ask? I cut out as much processed foods as possible and I did extra cardio. I really did it for the biggest loser competition, since we only have 1 week left at this point.

I am so excited! This should keep me going for the next week, although it's going to be tough since there is a skinnie twinnie birthday tomorrow and vacation this weekend! Happy dieting!
Woo hoo!!


Newest obsession...

Lettuce wraps.  Marinate some chicken in some yummy sauce, cook it and throw all sorts of grated veggies together and serve in a romaine lettuce leaf.  Yum yum.  A true light delight!
I have 2 great recipes from my fave food blog, http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/
PF Changs Style Wraps
Spicy mango Wraps



My hub is totally being the biggest loser police.  Have you worked out today?  Want to work out again?  What did you eat?  How many calories is that?  Did you write it all down?  Want to work out again?  Again?  Again?  
Ok, maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but like my post says, is is crunchtime!  And he is making sure we are both on track.  Each day is precious- we have to lose as much as we can each day.  If I were this focused from the very beginning, I might be in a size 6 right now.  Harhar.  That hasn't happened since high school!  I am getting my teeth professionally whitened for the next 2 weeks.  That means that for 2 hours a night I have to keep my trays in my mouth without eating or drinking anything!  And then there shouldn't be any eating 2 hours after that.  So that will help me avoid all late night snacking.  Late night snacking is my biggest weakness.  I can go all day eating right and on track.  After the kids are in bed and the tv goes on, I just want to raid the pantry!  We don't really have a lot of snickysnacks around the house, so I resort to ridiculous combinations of food.  I have been known to eat a the rest of the bag of marshmallows.  
On the exercise front, I am not going to any fancy workout classes like Shan, but I am managing to get out and walk for 40-60 minutes per day.  I am in the process of starting a walking group with my nearby mommy-friends, so that should pay off.  Today, my sweet little E turned 1.  Sniff sniff.  How time flies.  See ya!


2 weeks left...

until biggest loser is over! My hub and I are winning, but almost neck and neck are Moe and her hub. My husband has almost lost 50 lbs, and I believe he will get there in the next two weeks. That is amazing. When this is all over, I will post a before and after picture of us as a couple. It's amazing the difference, especially on him! He looks great and feels great.
I did lose 1.1 this weigh-in, which is good, but not ideal for a weight loss competition. It's getting harder! Not only am I facing a plateau, we are delving into summer! And we all know that summer means going out more, drinking more, etc.
On the workout front, my hub and I have been doing really well. We started doing a boot camp on the rooftop of our apartment with the trainer. We are still sticking to those classes that are twice a week. I think we are building a ton of muscle. Which is good, because the Warrior Dash is this weekend! How exciting is that? I'll definitely post pictures of that.
Ooooh, and tonight I get my haircut, do you think that will help me shed some pounds? :)

Keep it coming

Weigh in was ok today!  I lost 2.8 lbs in this 2 week time frame.  We are still in 2nd place with the Biggest Loser.  The hub is totally talking it up that we can win this.  He is saying that I "only have to lose 7 lbs till next weigh in (June 2nd)."  Hmm.  ONLY?  I have never lost that much in 2 weeks, or even really in 3 weeks so I hate to break it to him but I just don't think I can do 7.  MAYBE 5 if I try really hard.  And I will try hard.  Today I have already taken a 2 mile walk in the hot Dallas sun.  This is going to be a tough weekend to get through with the birthday party bash on Saturday.  We shall see, we shall see!  Shan lost 1.1 in this 2 week time frame, and she is really only about 8 lbs away from her goal!  I am halfway to my goal.  I have lost 25 and would LOVE to lose 25 more.  Here is an interesting fact for ya:  right now I weigh what Shan weighed when we started this blog.  Skinnie Twinnies unite in July again so we will see how we measure up again...


Broken Scale

We have a digital scale, so I guess its not technically broken, just out of batteries.  But we don't have any lying around our house, so its broken in my book!  When I weighed myself yesterday, it said I gained 4 lbs.  Then I got off and then on again and was 8 lbs lighter than the first weight.  Throughout the day I would take my weight (just for fun) and it was hilarious to see what my weights were!  I lost as much as 13 lbs and gained as much as 6.  Who knows what my real weight is!  We will get it fixed by the next weigh-in, never fear.  I just didn't want anyone thinking, wait, why hasn't Moe posted her weekly weight loss?  (side note, why hasn't Shan, haha)  
I made cookies for playgroup last night and they were evil.  Half of my points are all used up and its only day 2 in my week!  Have a great weekend guys!


Competitors or twinnies?

This is in response to Moe's last post. You are going down!!!!! :) My husband and I are also going to buckle down these last 3 weeks and try and shave off the extra lbs. Actually, it needs to be me more than him. I know I haven't posted in a while, and it's mostly because I have been maintaining. I lose a half of a pound, then I gain half of a pound. Meanwhile, my now sveldt husband is still losing 2 lbs a week, at the least! He is looking awesome! And so healthy!

We have been taking some "body sculpting" classes at the apartment gym that are quite the workout! Those classes, plus using the personal trainer and training for the Warrior Dash in a week and a half has kept us busy. Which is why I have probably been maintaining- I feel as though I can eat more! But, the next three weeks, I'm sticking to it.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Come on twinnie, let's get skinnie!!


Biggest Loser is winding down...

So the results from last week's BL weigh-in are in, and the hub and I won!  My percentage alone beat out any other couple, so that was quite exciting to see.  Next Wednesday is the next BL weigh-in, and then 2 more weeks and that is it.  SO the stakes are pretty high.  Shan and Tom are in the lead- they have lost around 27% of their weight combined.  Chris and I are in second place with losing almost 24% combined.  So, if Chris and I continue to lose and IF Tom and Shan gain or maintain, we might pull it off.  In an effort to squeeze every last ounce off of us, Chris and I made a deal.  I will exercise everyday if he does weight watchers with me everyday.  That means I am going to keep track of everything he eats and he is going to make sure I do some sort of exercise EVERY day.  Thus far, Chris has really only been eating healthy (which is awesome) but its time to step it up and start counting his calories(points).  And its going to be REALLY hard, because in these next 3 weeks, it is jam-packed with family coming in town and I am throwing a huge birthday bash for us girls.  (Our birthdays are May 20- E, May 24- G, and May 27-Me!)  Aside from that , we literally have family staying with us for like 18 days straight.  And you know when family comes into town, well at least for me, I tend to let calorie counting slide.
And in other news, my older sister (you know, the one who is practically perfect in every way) has joined this weight loss train.  She has 2 little ones and wants to get rid of that last 5 or 10 lbs that tend to stay on after those sweet babies are born.  So I have been trying to help her out with counting her points as well.  SO good luck Meg!  And good luck to us!  Later!


Bison Burgers and Barbecues

Our family is a little obsessed with barbecuing.  We pretty much grill out 10 months per year.  And when we have people over, its always going to be a barbecue.  And why not?  I don't think I have met one person who doesn't enjoy a burger, hot dog, brat, etc!  On Mother's day, we tried out Bison burgers.  I don't think in a  million years I would have bought them, but I saw Jamie Oliver serving them on his Food Revolution.  So when I saw them at cost-co, I couldn't pass them up!  They are very, very yummy!  I found this little comparison from http://bisonburgers.net/nutrition/ in case anyone is curious:
Bison Nutrition Comparisions

Interesting, right?  I read through that website and they talked about how Bison are healthier animals because they eat grass and are not subject to commercial feed/grains and also drugs and chemicals.  SO all around, its just a healthier cut of meat for you!  Yum!


I Lost My Baby...in pounds!

Before you read this post, go take a gander at my weight loss ticker.  Are you amazed?  I have lost 22 lbs!  I am so freaking pumped!!  The other day I weighed my dear baby E, and that sweet little porker weighs 22 lbs!  I feel like my arms have some pretty good muscles lately since i have been carrying her around more often due to her constant teething-tantrums!  So now, when I pick her up, and have to heave her up onto my shoulder I can think, WHOA.  I used to carry this around on my body!  Kind of weird to think about.  And kind of exciting to think that is off of me!  Still got a ways to go though folks.  Right now I am thinking about swimsuit season.  And although I look ok in my regular clothes, I don't look ok at all in a swimsuit!  What am I to do?  I want to be poolside everyday this summer and there is just not enough time before the pool opens for me to lose it all.  So I guess I need some advice on some mom-figure friendly swimsuits that are also cute.  Any ideas?  Lata!


Glass VS Water Bottle

This past week, a high school friend of mine, K, came to visit.  We had a lovely time catching up, playing with the girls and she was just giddy to be outdoors since it is so nice here in Dallas compared to St. Louis.  It is always interesting when you have a new person in the house- you can really learn a lot!  She cooked a healthy dinner for us one night and it was sooo yum!  She is a really healthy person, and knew that the hub and I are trying to be really good too.  So instead of bringing me Gooey Butter Cake (STL's best coffee cake EVER), she brought me a box of No Pudge Fudge Brownie mix.  It is a brownie mix that is fat free, and all you add to it is fat free yogurt!  Mmm mmm good.  Each serving was just 2 points!  She got hers at Trader Joe's, but if you live in one of those really unlucky cities that doesn't have a TJ, then you can go to the No Pudge website and they have a list of locations by state.
Anyways, one thing that I noticed right away about K is that she drinks a TON of water.  She was constantly filling up a glass of water, all day.  It was actually very impressive that she could keep up such an amazing pace, all day long.  I always start out so good, but by the end of the day I can't even remember when the last time I took a drink was!  So on the last day that she was here, I challenged myself to drink as much as she did.  I had my trusty water bottle with me all day long.  Some bottles were full of just ice and water, others had crystal light in it.  She also had to constantly remind me and I think in the end she still ended up drinking more than I did!  But!  I still drank 5 bottles of water in one day.  And at 32 oz per bottle, that is a whopping 160 ounces(over 1 gallon!) I drank in one day.  You are supposed to drink at least 64, so I was pretty well covered.  So thanks K, for inspiring me.  I have my 1/2 full water bottle next to me as I type!