Broken Scale

We have a digital scale, so I guess its not technically broken, just out of batteries.  But we don't have any lying around our house, so its broken in my book!  When I weighed myself yesterday, it said I gained 4 lbs.  Then I got off and then on again and was 8 lbs lighter than the first weight.  Throughout the day I would take my weight (just for fun) and it was hilarious to see what my weights were!  I lost as much as 13 lbs and gained as much as 6.  Who knows what my real weight is!  We will get it fixed by the next weigh-in, never fear.  I just didn't want anyone thinking, wait, why hasn't Moe posted her weekly weight loss?  (side note, why hasn't Shan, haha)  
I made cookies for playgroup last night and they were evil.  Half of my points are all used up and its only day 2 in my week!  Have a great weekend guys!


  1. I love when my scale messes up and tells me I lost weight. But then it is sad the next day when all the weight is back on! :)

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  5. HAHAHA That scale is funny. WOW. Good luck on losing weight. You can do it!
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