Cleaning Out My Closet

So I have been packing ALL DAY LONG.  I really hate packing, and I procrastinate by doing ANYthing else.  Organize my sock drawer, clean the bathrooms, paint my nails, you know, the usual procrastinating activities.  Well today I decided to organize my closet.  I basically tried on all my non-maternity clothes on, and most of them all fit!  How exciting is that?  Now they don't all look stunning on me, but the fact that I can zip up pants and skirts is quite the accomplishment!  So I moved almost all my maternity clothes (ecxept for some smaller sizes I used in my first and second trimester) to the back of my closet with all my bridesmaid dresses and winter clothes, and moved most of my other clothes to the front!  Yay!
The hub took today off and we started out with a bike ride.  We had done this same route a week ago and it was so easy!  But today was so, so windy (like tornado weather) and so it was MUCH harder.  I counted it as my cardio.  Getting so excited to unite with my skinnie twinnie soon!!!


  1. Is that not the BEST feeling??!! I am actually going in the opposite direction right now - growing out of my cute regular clothes and into my maternity ones - but so excited to get back into everything by this time next year :) Have a fun trip!

  2. Great blog! I am on my journey to lose 60lb and have lost almost 20! Great blog:)

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  3. Congrats! I know that is such a wonderful feeling! Happy Friday Follow!
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  4. HI :-)
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