Days I worked out this week: 0
Days I wrote down what I ate (tracked): 0

Getting a stomach bug 2 days ago which leads to the biggest weight loss in a one or two week period: PRICELESS

I lost 3.6 lbs in ONE WEEK!!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO

Now I don't want anyone getting huffy with me, thinking that I am promoting bulimia or anything.  I would rather not have been up until 1:30am, sick and watching G get sick too.  That goes for the cleanup and the laundry the next day(and the day after). Especially considering I have to pack to go to Atlanta to see my family and SKINNIE TWINNIE!!!!  Life would have been easier if I didn't have to do all that.  I had to cancel a playgroup I was hosting, and opted out of a Juice + party I was excited about.
So maybe this huge weight loss will get me back into gear, especially now that I have a personal training session coming up!  Woohooooooo

Family family!

This week, the McHugh clan is taking over Atlanta. I can't describe how excited I am. My parents and brother got in Monday, my little sister gets in Thursday, and my skinnie twinnie and family gets in Saturday! It's going to be a LEGENDARY reunion!! :) I can't wait.

Today was weigh in, and I lost .2 lbs. That isn't much, but I consider it a victory considering my trip to Florida this week, and lack of exercise since last Thursday. I think my hamstring is fully healed, and the only exercise I did get was swimming in the ocean. :) Spring training was amazing! The picture is just the most exciting thing about the spring. Cardinal baseball. Love it!

So, this morning bright and early, I was back with the trainer. He kicked my booty, but I feel great today! We are going again tomorrow at 6am! Woop! And, my skinnie twinnie is in for a surprise- I scheduled an appointment with the trainer for the both of us while she is here! Get ready to have P90X challenged! :)

Happy Easter everyone!


I'm Loving....

Thomas Bagel Thins!
Did you think that once you started dieting you wouldn't be able to enjoy a bagel anymore?  Well, these 110 calorie "bagels" aren't bad!  They are great with cream cheese, but even better for a bagel sandwich!  I couldn't find a picture to show you, which tells me these are REALLY new.  SO go out and get some, I found mine at Albertson's!


Still slowing down...

So last week I didn't weigh in because I was afraid of the amount of weight I had gained. But, I summoned the courage, and I weighed in on Saturday (3 days after normal weigh-in). I had gained 1.8, which is my first gain since we started doing this whole blog/biggest loser competition, etc. So then when I weighed in on the following normal Wednesday, I had lost exactly that- 1.8 lbs. So really, over the two week period, I maintained.

I was bummed, but I guess it's not horrible, considering the amount of times we went out to eat with the family in town. But, the worst is not behind us! This weekend I am headed to Florida to catch some Cardinal baseball, and then the 2 weeks following that I have all sorts of family in town. I am excited for the change of pace, but this can only mean more meals out at restaurants, and of course less exercising. So here is to maintaining over the next couple of weeks!!

On a side note, injuries have plagued this side of the biggest loser competition, too. My husband pulled up on his leg yesterday and probably pulled his quad muscle. He was a trooper though, and pitched our whole softball game and went 4 for 4 at the plate! MVP! Hopefully with our time off of working out over the next week or so, it will improve. I think I may have "tweaked" my hamstring legging it out to first base as well. It already feels better today, but again, I think some time off will help. Time will tell! Have a great weekend everybody!



Chris and I are the biggest loser winner for this weigh-in!  Yay!  It was a very close race this week, including one team that should have won but didn't (sorry Jenny!), but!  I will take this victory and run with it!  I am especially proud of the hub because even though his foot is killing him, he is still managing to go do some low foot impact exercise.  How is that for dedication?  (In case you forgot/missed it, he has a bone spur that is rubbing against his ankle and he has to wear a boot to walk around).  Its a nice motivation to keep us going.  I have switched to working out during nap time since Chris doesn't really work out in the evening.  That is the reason for my infrequent posting.  Keep it up out there everyone!


My "unofficial" review of P90X

I have gotten a lot of emails and blog and Facebook comments asking me about P90X.  Is it effective?  Would you recommend it?  Is it hard? And on and on.  So I decided to write my own little review on the workout series.
There are 3 levels of difficulty in the program- Lean, Classic, and Doubles.  There are 12 different workout videos- some that focus on the different muscle groups, along with yoga and some stretching.  The 3 levels interchange these 12 videos in three 1-month blocks.  Lean level focuses more on cardio and yoga and less on the different muscle groups.  Classic has an even amount of cardio, yoga, and the muscle groups.  And then Doubles, obviously is double the videos.
Each video is at least 60 minutes long (yoga is 90 minutes!) so it is quite a commitment.  When I started P90X I was dead-set on doing a video every night.  But if you are a normal human being with a job and/or kids, it is almost impossible.  On a good week, I do 6 videos.  My absolute favorite is Yoga X.  I can't do half the moves, but I feel sooo relaxed and limber when it is all over.
After using this program for about a month and a half, I still cannot do some of the moves- especially the different kinds of crazy push-ups.  But!  I can now do 10 push-ups in a row, and a total of 25 in one minute, and I consider that a GREAT accomplishment.  P90X is not some crazy miracle workout program that would transform an overweight person into a slim, ripped person.  An already trim person will get ripped.  So at the end of my 90 days, I am not expecting a six pack.  I will have some muscles in my arms and back, and be pretty flexible from the yoga.  I will continue to be able to do lots of push-ups, and have a TON of energy.  That, so far, has been the best side effect- the fact that I have more energy!  I am more likely to get the girls piled in the stroller or the bike carrier and get outside and exercise with them.  And if you have little ones, you KNOW how important that is.
So, would I recommend P90X to anyone?  Yes and no.  I mean, if I can do it, you can do it.  But it is a lot of time- at least 1 hour every day.  And I don;t think I would do it if my husband wasn't there with me along the way.  A workout buddy is always key.  And then there is the cost.  We borrowed the videos from Chris' brother and we already had most of the workout equipment needed.  All we needed to buy was a second yoga mat for the hub and a pull up bar.  So it was virtually very low cost for us.  You at least need a yoga mat, 10-20 lb weights or resistance bands, and a pull-up bar.  I hope I answered any questions anyone has- let me know, I am happy to answer any other questions!


Blog = Motivation, No Blog = Lazy

It is amazing how motivating this blog is!  The more I blog, the better I diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, the less I blog then the diet kind of goes out the window.  Since Wednesday I have not written down anything I have eaten, and that is a horrible way to lose weight!  It's not like I ate ice cream everyday or got fast food or anything, I just haven't been vigilant and that has made me not blog and feel very, very guilty!  I have also stopped working out everyday.  Part of the problem is that my husband was just diagnosed with a bone spur on his foot and it is rubbing against his ankle.  So he is in a lot of pain and obviously cannot work out.  So now that I don't have a workout buddy, I am just less likely to work out.
Besides feeling guilty, another reason I have not blogged lately is that it has been absolutely GORGEOUS in Dallas for the past 2 weeks.  Sunny, in the upper 60s and 70s, flowers are blooming, you get the point, right?  So instead of staying inside where the computer is and blogging, I have been getting the little ones out and about.  So there is some exercise in the walks we take, but its not as hard core as if I were working out everyday.  So instead of ranting about how guilty I feel, I am going to go ahead and get off the computer so I can work out while my girls nap.  Hope you are all staying motivated out there!

I lost .4 this week, and Shan has yet to weigh in.  Stay tuned!


Slooooooowing down...

I feel like my weight loss is at a standstill. I haven't weighed in yet this week, mostly due to my husbands family visiting and the fact that I am scared to see how much weight I most likely have gained! We went out for so many meals, and I cut back on the exercising to spend extra time with the family. It is of course, worth it, but the results could be discouraging.

One tip I can give that I received from the personal trainer, is to eat a grapefruit before every meal. Most likely, you have heard of the grapefruit diet, but he gave me some insight to why it works. Besides all of the health benefits, it also speeds up your metabolism. I went ahead and googled this, and I got results saying you could lose anywhere between 5-12 lbs in a month! Now, this of course should be consumed in conjunction with a healthy diet. So I have been eating half a grapefruit at every meal. Good thing I love it!!

I hope everyone else is doing well on their weight loss! Good luck!


I'll scratch your back f you scratch mine!

Or rather, I will follow you if you follow me!  Happy Friday Follow!
Friday Follow


Late weigh in

Sorry I didn't post yesterday!  It was a busy day since it was so gorgeous here in Dallas.  Instead of staying in and blogging, I went on two walks with my daughters and ended up at our park.  (I mean, can you blame me?)  This week's weigh in was much better, I lost 1.4 lbs.  I wish I could just be more consistent, but what can you do?  This was also biggest loser weigh in so I was at a total of 1.8 in 2 weeks and my husband was at 5+ for the 2 weeks.  It makes me crazy that men can lose so much so fast.  We are going to take some more walks today, as it is just as gorgeous as yesterday!


It has been such a long time...

and I apologize. Especially to Moe, and that she didn't bug me all that much to get on and write something. I got an iPhone the first week of February, and it has nearly eliminated my use of the Internet on a computer. Who needs to wait for a computer to boot up, when I have the Internet and great apps at my fingertips on my phone? So that is my excuse for not writing, and again I apologize.

I hope the weight loss train is going well for all. As Moe had mentioned on our Facebook page, I signed up with a personal trainer. Now, before you go thinking that this is crazy, just listen. We have an apartment gym that is included in the cost of the apartment. I have noticed a personal trainer there working with different people from time to time when I am on the treadmill. So, I sauntered up to him next day, and asked what his "deal" was. Turns out, he focuses specifically in women's training, and he said the first session is free, so that you can decide on your own if you want to continue. So, I tried it the first time, and I loved it! It made me realize that just running isn't really getting that great of a workout. So I signed up for 13 sessions, and we'll see if I continue after that. The cost is less than a normal trainer, plus we aren't paying for the gym, so I feel as though I can justify it.

I have had 3 training sessions, and everyday, I wake up sore. It's kind of annoying, to be honest. According to my trainer, the pain never goes away either, especially if you continue to push yourself with different exercises. Whew! I have another one tonight, I hope it goes well! Happy Monday!

Girl Scout Cookies

They are absolutely evil.  Yesterday I went to the store to grab a few things for our very low fat dinner, and as I was walking out the grocery store door, I had to pass a Girl Scout troop that had set up a little booth.  Chris and I's favorite is Tagalongs.  I mean, seriously.  Chocolate.  Peanut butter.  On a cookie!  It is just so good!  But I had some will power left in me and just got Thin Mints.  After reading the labels a bit, you can eat 4 Thin Mints for the price of 2 Tagalongs.  When I got home, I looked up the fat content on all Girl Scout cookies, and it looks like Daisy Go Rounds win in the low fat department.  Daisy Go Rounds?  What the heck are those?  So if you want a more traditional cookie, ya know, one that you remember from when you were a girl scout yourself, you can also go with a Do-Si-Do.  One serving is just 110 calories.   However, I will be enjoying my Thin Mints in moderation, thank you very much!

For more details: http://www.girlscoutcookies.org/
I also found a site where you can make your own!!!: http://bakingbites.com/2008/01/girl-scout-cookie-season-and-trans-fas/


Workout Weekend

The hub and I did a lot of exercise this weekend- and it better will show in this weigh-in on Wednesday.  On Saturday morning we did some good ole' P90X in the morning while E was napping.  G did puzzles, read books, and tried to join in a few times during out hour of kicks, punches, and yoga stretches.  We were going to be all ambitious and do another workout during the girl's afternoon nap, but we nixed it.  Watching 2 episodes of Dexter and munching on our 100 calorie popcorn was so much more fun!  Then after nap we decided to go for a walk.  And we went on a loooong walk.  And wound up at a park.  Which made the girls very happy.  So we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.  Then today (Sunday) we did2 more hours of P90X during their afternoon naps.  Right now I feel so sore and tired, but I also feel GOOD.  So what am I doing awake?  G'night!


Friday Follow!

Friday Follow

Thanks for joining us!  For those of you new to this blog, we are twins blogging our journey through weight loss. We are also competing in a biggest loser competition with our family- couples against couples- for a $500 prize!
So blogging and the BL competition have kept us diet- honest, and overall, motivated!  Thanks for following, tell your friends!  We are going to do a giveaway when we hit 100 followers!
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Wyler's Light

Sometimes water gets boring.  I was getting sick of Crystal Light and the "off brand crystal light" from Kroger and Walmart.  I came across Wyler's light at Albertsons.  I am totally digging them!  I researched them a bit more and they are not available at every store where Crystal Light is sold.  Check them out!



This week, I lost .4 lbs.  Not sure why exactly, because I stuck to the diet for the most part.  Little E is nursing less and less, so I took a point away from my daily intake last week and am going to take 2 more away this week.  We will see if that makes anything change!
I got this recipe called Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Cups from the South Beach Diet Cookbook, pg 49, and tweaked it a bit.  G calls them egg cupcakes.  They are a little less than 2 points per cup, and they are so yummy!

Egg Cupcakes
6 oz your choice low fat lunch meat, diced (I have used ham and turkey)
1/2 green pepper, diced
1/2 red pepper, diced
1/2 onion, diced
1 cup spinach, chopped
1 cup your choice shredded cheese (I have used pepper jack, cheddar, and parmesan)
7-8 eggs
Optional: cilantro

Preheat oven to 350.  Coat a 12-cup nonstick muffin pan with cooking spray or line with paper baking cups.   Saute the veggies (except the spinach) for 3 minutes and then add the meat for another 2 minutes. Evenly divide this mixture into the 12 cups.  In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and cheese together.  Pour this mixture into the cups, and top with a touch of parm cheese if desired.  Bake for 20 minutes, or until the egg is set.

In this picture, I made 6 turkey and cheddar plus the veggies, and 6 ham and pepperjack with the veggies and a bit of cilantro.  I put all of them in a gallon size ziplock and microwave a cup for 40 seconds for breakfast.

Wordless Wednesday: Egg Twinnies

These 5 yokes came from 4 eggs- can you find the "twins?"
Great egg recipe and weigh in to follow!

For More WW Check these out:


Excuses, Excuses

I battle with putting off exercise EVERYDAY.  There is always something else I could be doing.  Laundry, TV, reading, talking on the phone, to name a few.  I came across this article from the ELFF blog.  Completely inspirational- a busy, work at home mom of 6 that somehow makes it a priority everyday to work out.  Here is the article: Accountability

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Dear Readers,
I am so sorry it has been sooo long since I have blogged!  My computer broke and didn't get fixed for a whole week.  One whole week of no internet- no facebook, no blogs, no checking emails, and what felt like no connection with the real world!  I sure did get a lot of stuff done around the house- I even considered maybe giving it up for lent, but ha, there is no way I can go there!
So to kind of recap what has been going on around here, I lost 2 more lbs this week, and Chris and I got 2nd place in the biggest loser weigh-in.  Shan continues to lose as well (and I know, you might ask, did her computer break too?  Where are her posts?  hmmmmm).  Our official losses are below on our tickers.  We now have 50 followers, which is an AMAZING feat, so keep it up!
My husband I are continuing with P90X, and ladies and gentlemen, it is HARD.  I am so sore right now!  Yesterday was an our and a half of yoga, and I can't do half the moves.   But I feel so good at the end of it all and so relaxed!  Makes me a little obsessed with yoga.  Tony Horton, the guy who made all the videos, is a BAMF.  He was 45 years old when he made this video (currently 52 years old!) and he hardly breaks a sweat while doing all the moves. He is a little corny and obnoxious too, but you gotta hand it to a 45 year old for doing all those really hard push ups.
So, if he can do it, then I can do it, right?  I'll keep you updated.  See you soon.