Chris and I are the biggest loser winner for this weigh-in!  Yay!  It was a very close race this week, including one team that should have won but didn't (sorry Jenny!), but!  I will take this victory and run with it!  I am especially proud of the hub because even though his foot is killing him, he is still managing to go do some low foot impact exercise.  How is that for dedication?  (In case you forgot/missed it, he has a bone spur that is rubbing against his ankle and he has to wear a boot to walk around).  Its a nice motivation to keep us going.  I have switched to working out during nap time since Chris doesn't really work out in the evening.  That is the reason for my infrequent posting.  Keep it up out there everyone!

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  1. Well congratulations anyways! You two deserve it! Love ya!


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