Still slowing down...

So last week I didn't weigh in because I was afraid of the amount of weight I had gained. But, I summoned the courage, and I weighed in on Saturday (3 days after normal weigh-in). I had gained 1.8, which is my first gain since we started doing this whole blog/biggest loser competition, etc. So then when I weighed in on the following normal Wednesday, I had lost exactly that- 1.8 lbs. So really, over the two week period, I maintained.

I was bummed, but I guess it's not horrible, considering the amount of times we went out to eat with the family in town. But, the worst is not behind us! This weekend I am headed to Florida to catch some Cardinal baseball, and then the 2 weeks following that I have all sorts of family in town. I am excited for the change of pace, but this can only mean more meals out at restaurants, and of course less exercising. So here is to maintaining over the next couple of weeks!!

On a side note, injuries have plagued this side of the biggest loser competition, too. My husband pulled up on his leg yesterday and probably pulled his quad muscle. He was a trooper though, and pitched our whole softball game and went 4 for 4 at the plate! MVP! Hopefully with our time off of working out over the next week or so, it will improve. I think I may have "tweaked" my hamstring legging it out to first base as well. It already feels better today, but again, I think some time off will help. Time will tell! Have a great weekend everybody!

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