Workout Weekend

The hub and I did a lot of exercise this weekend- and it better will show in this weigh-in on Wednesday.  On Saturday morning we did some good ole' P90X in the morning while E was napping.  G did puzzles, read books, and tried to join in a few times during out hour of kicks, punches, and yoga stretches.  We were going to be all ambitious and do another workout during the girl's afternoon nap, but we nixed it.  Watching 2 episodes of Dexter and munching on our 100 calorie popcorn was so much more fun!  Then after nap we decided to go for a walk.  And we went on a loooong walk.  And wound up at a park.  Which made the girls very happy.  So we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.  Then today (Sunday) we did2 more hours of P90X during their afternoon naps.  Right now I feel so sore and tired, but I also feel GOOD.  So what am I doing awake?  G'night!

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