Blog = Motivation, No Blog = Lazy

It is amazing how motivating this blog is!  The more I blog, the better I diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, the less I blog then the diet kind of goes out the window.  Since Wednesday I have not written down anything I have eaten, and that is a horrible way to lose weight!  It's not like I ate ice cream everyday or got fast food or anything, I just haven't been vigilant and that has made me not blog and feel very, very guilty!  I have also stopped working out everyday.  Part of the problem is that my husband was just diagnosed with a bone spur on his foot and it is rubbing against his ankle.  So he is in a lot of pain and obviously cannot work out.  So now that I don't have a workout buddy, I am just less likely to work out.
Besides feeling guilty, another reason I have not blogged lately is that it has been absolutely GORGEOUS in Dallas for the past 2 weeks.  Sunny, in the upper 60s and 70s, flowers are blooming, you get the point, right?  So instead of staying inside where the computer is and blogging, I have been getting the little ones out and about.  So there is some exercise in the walks we take, but its not as hard core as if I were working out everyday.  So instead of ranting about how guilty I feel, I am going to go ahead and get off the computer so I can work out while my girls nap.  Hope you are all staying motivated out there!

I lost .4 this week, and Shan has yet to weigh in.  Stay tuned!


  1. good luck on the dieting ;)

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