...And Lots of Drops to Drink

I just thought I would "piggyback" on Shan's post by telling a little story.
I have had the same obgyn for both births.  When in labor, my doctor advises that the woman in labor cannot drink any water, only ice chips.  WHAT an inconvenience!  First of all, labor is not really one of my favorite things to do. Second of all, not being able to drink anything while in the middle of the hardest workout of your life?????  That is crazy, and so very tortuous.  I remember distinctly both times when my doctor walked into the delivery room for the first time while in labor.  He brought in the most beautiful thing I had ever seen- my hospital water bottle:

This bottle gave me the motivation  to carry on through all the other pain that I endured that day.  (I guess technically the water bottle is the 2nd most beautiful thing my doctor brought me that day.  My 2 daughter are the best!  and the most beautiful ever!  But I digress)  What a wonderful feeling to have that cool, delicious water go down my throat for the first time in what felt like ages!
And today, that water bottle is still helping me out.  I fill and refill that thing countless times per day- and Shan, I feel ya on the water thing- nothing beats St. Louis water!  Right now the straw is stained pink because I have been drinking crystal light with it.  My favorite right now is the pomegranate immunity, it really does satisfy the sweet drink craving.  I am lucky that I never really liked soda, just don't like the taste!  Drinking water is so key in losing weight.  There are times when I catch myself about to go through the pantry to see what munchies I can eat, and then I remember to just drink water- it helps fill me up!  Here is more on water's role in helping lose weight!

PS. The skinnietwinnies will unite next wekkend in Dallas!  So excited!  We will be saving our points so we can go get a margarita or 2!


  1. You are both too cute!! What a funny story Moe!! ;)

  2. Happy Friday Follow!

    I am trying to lose weight too and water has helped me hugely!!!

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  4. Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow! I’m your newest blog follower. Happy weekend!

    ~ Lynn

  5. Stopping by from Friday Follow! Have a great weekend. :)


  6. I think you're doing great. I struggle REALLY hard with weekends too. So hard!! Don't be too hard on yourself with the weigh-ins. At least you're going in the right direction!!!


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