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So besides learning to eat well, the best way to become a Skinnie Twinnie is to exercise. Right now, my husband and I are working out everyday at our apartment gym. It's become a habit, and we both feel great! But, I realize that not everyone can do this. Whether it's the cost of a gym (ours is included with the apartment) or the time you can't commit on a day to day basis (kids, work, etc.). But there are plenty of alternatives!

If you have a wii gaming system, there are many different sports/fitness game you can play. To name a few, wii fit, wii fit plus, dance dance revolution. The last one I mentioned is really fun! It can be addicting- I once played for 6 hours on a Saturday! I think I lost almost 4 lbs that particular week.

Tonight, my husband and I are going ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. I am really excited. It's a fun way to exercise! Depending on how many times I fall, I am counting on being really sore tomorrow. :)

My husband and I actually met through mutual friends playing in a sand volleyball league. We played for a whole 3 years or so before moving to Atlanta. I loved it- it's a way to be social and to obviously meet other people! We also played on many softball teams. So, naturally I want to continue this trend in our new city! But I don't know anyone here who is already on a team. I found a website called http://www.sportsvite.com/ . I would equate it to the sports version of dating online or craigslist or something. On my profile, I specified which sports I am interested in playing and then people can contact you for needs they might have on their own teams. I am happy to announce that we just officially joined a softball team! Now we just have to wait on volleyball to come through.

So to all- happy exercising- in whichever capacity you choose!!

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