And the winners are...

my husband and I! We won the biggest loser challenge this week, our combined percentage lost was the most out of everyone! I am so proud of my hubby, he has lost 15+ lbs already! I am at 7lbs, which isn't as exciting, but us women know that men lose it a lot faster than we do. So we are very pumped about this. It gives the motivation to keep going and try harder as well. There is money on the line!

I really have to attribute a lot of my success to my husband. Having him not only be supportive in the weight loss journey, but being a part of it, is so helfpul. Losing weight is hard work! If you have never tried to lose weight or don't need to, it's hard to understand. If you are trying to eat healthy/excersise more regularly, and your significant other or family members are not on board, it can be discouraging.

Maybe I'm just getting into the Valentine's spirit here. Or maybe I heard our Wedding song on the radio today. (sniff, sniff, 'Lucky; by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat) It's gotten me all sentimental. :) Since we are trying to save money and be healthy, we have decided to stay in and cook together instead of go out on the 14th. I'm excited about it though, we found some gourmet weight watcher's recipes. I will share them next week. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day, I know we will.

Our wedding this past September


  1. Bwahahahahaha
    I teared up, I swear. Now I am going to go puke. Haha jk love ya!

  2. You did Great!
    Stopping by from Fri Follows - I'm a new follower! Love to have you stop by:

  3. Congrats to both of you. Great job

    Happy Friday Follow.

    I am your new follower.Tag, you're it,lol

  4. Update, I received 2 dozen roses from that very hubby of mine at work today! Yeah!

  5. Moe, you are my kind of gal....first you have a super cool name. My name is Roz and I'm dropping in for Friday Follow from La Bella Vita and have just begun to follow you! I am also doing the biggest loser.com deal and have lost 16 big fat whopping pounds since Jan. 6th. Just found another gal at work doing the same. My goal is another 4 pounds by Feb 28th.....and YES, I do post healthy recipes for this very reason. I NEED TO LOSE 70 more pounds. I will be so happy to join you in your journey and hope to gain support from you too! I'm so glad you stopped by....what a blessing! Congrats on your progress and KEEP IT UP!!!! Love, Roz (aka bella) PS I'm following you now, if I forgot to tell you in all my excitement! LOL!!!!


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