Weigh In Wednesday for Moe

Alright, back to the same old, same old.  I lost 1 lb this week.  I hope that doing a week's worth of P90X will make me lose waaaayyyyy more a week from now!
Since I "celebrate" lent, I am not eating meat today or on Fridays.  Tonight is Hot and Sour Soup, yum yum.  I made some earlier this week and froze the rest.  Thank goodness, because my slow cooker broke yesterday!  That there is a tragedy.  I hope to go out and get a new one tonight!  It is so very hard to live without that thing after using it at least 4 times per week!
It is still pretty cold here in Dallas (and by cold, I mean below 50) so I have been making quite a few soups.  Here are a few that are pretty low in fat, and pretty darn tasty!

Tortilla Soup
Vietnamese Pho Soup
Salsa Chicken and Black Bean Soup


  1. One pound is fantastic!!! You're doing great!!

  2. New follower from follow friday! :) and looking forward to trying this recipe.. yummmmm.. good luck on the weight loss... i KNOW it's difficult...

  3. I'm stopping by from Friday Follow :0)

    My sister makes great Chicken Pho! Had some when I went to visit the family for Chinese New Year. My other sis leaves around the Dallas area :)

  4. here from FF! you are your sister are adorable! my hot cooker has been in the BOX for 2 yrs. i keep trying to be a cook but after 40 yrs i should face the fact the i am not :( good luck on your weight loss next week with px90. have been considering giving that a whirl

  5. I'm a new Friday Follow follower..congrats on all the weight loss! You are doing fantastic :)

  6. Hi,

    I'm a new follower From Friday Follow

    Hope you have a great weekend

    Tortilla Soup Sounds like a great idea

  7. Hey just stopping by to say Hi from Friday Follow!

    Happy Follow Friday!



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