Bison Burgers and Barbecues

Our family is a little obsessed with barbecuing.  We pretty much grill out 10 months per year.  And when we have people over, its always going to be a barbecue.  And why not?  I don't think I have met one person who doesn't enjoy a burger, hot dog, brat, etc!  On Mother's day, we tried out Bison burgers.  I don't think in a  million years I would have bought them, but I saw Jamie Oliver serving them on his Food Revolution.  So when I saw them at cost-co, I couldn't pass them up!  They are very, very yummy!  I found this little comparison from http://bisonburgers.net/nutrition/ in case anyone is curious:
Bison Nutrition Comparisions

Interesting, right?  I read through that website and they talked about how Bison are healthier animals because they eat grass and are not subject to commercial feed/grains and also drugs and chemicals.  SO all around, its just a healthier cut of meat for you!  Yum!


  1. I've never had one, but I'm picky with my meat. Good to hear you liked them!

  2. and Bison was REALLY good!! I will totally go get some! :) Did you say you got it at Costco?

    Thanks for the yummy burgers!! :)

  3. Is it expensive to buy?

  4. It cost 9.99 for 6 patties. Which is expensive compared to buying beef patties, but! you can't go to a restaurant/fast food joint and get 6 lean, nutritious burgers for under $10. SO there ya go! Umm, Shan, if you can post a comment, you can do a blog post, right? XOXOX


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