2 weeks left...

until biggest loser is over! My hub and I are winning, but almost neck and neck are Moe and her hub. My husband has almost lost 50 lbs, and I believe he will get there in the next two weeks. That is amazing. When this is all over, I will post a before and after picture of us as a couple. It's amazing the difference, especially on him! He looks great and feels great.
I did lose 1.1 this weigh-in, which is good, but not ideal for a weight loss competition. It's getting harder! Not only am I facing a plateau, we are delving into summer! And we all know that summer means going out more, drinking more, etc.
On the workout front, my hub and I have been doing really well. We started doing a boot camp on the rooftop of our apartment with the trainer. We are still sticking to those classes that are twice a week. I think we are building a ton of muscle. Which is good, because the Warrior Dash is this weekend! How exciting is that? I'll definitely post pictures of that.
Ooooh, and tonight I get my haircut, do you think that will help me shed some pounds? :)

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