Glass VS Water Bottle

This past week, a high school friend of mine, K, came to visit.  We had a lovely time catching up, playing with the girls and she was just giddy to be outdoors since it is so nice here in Dallas compared to St. Louis.  It is always interesting when you have a new person in the house- you can really learn a lot!  She cooked a healthy dinner for us one night and it was sooo yum!  She is a really healthy person, and knew that the hub and I are trying to be really good too.  So instead of bringing me Gooey Butter Cake (STL's best coffee cake EVER), she brought me a box of No Pudge Fudge Brownie mix.  It is a brownie mix that is fat free, and all you add to it is fat free yogurt!  Mmm mmm good.  Each serving was just 2 points!  She got hers at Trader Joe's, but if you live in one of those really unlucky cities that doesn't have a TJ, then you can go to the No Pudge website and they have a list of locations by state.
Anyways, one thing that I noticed right away about K is that she drinks a TON of water.  She was constantly filling up a glass of water, all day.  It was actually very impressive that she could keep up such an amazing pace, all day long.  I always start out so good, but by the end of the day I can't even remember when the last time I took a drink was!  So on the last day that she was here, I challenged myself to drink as much as she did.  I had my trusty water bottle with me all day long.  Some bottles were full of just ice and water, others had crystal light in it.  She also had to constantly remind me and I think in the end she still ended up drinking more than I did!  But!  I still drank 5 bottles of water in one day.  And at 32 oz per bottle, that is a whopping 160 ounces(over 1 gallon!) I drank in one day.  You are supposed to drink at least 64, so I was pretty well covered.  So thanks K, for inspiring me.  I have my 1/2 full water bottle next to me as I type!

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