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I'm sure every wellness/exercise/diet blog out there has in one way or another talked about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  I DVRed the entire series because I didn't want to miss an episode!  For those of you who haven't watched or heard anything about it (are you living under a rock?) I will give you a little synopsis:
Jamie is a celebrity chef and health campaigner in the UK.  He came over to America, specifically Huntington, West Virginia.  Huntington is statistically one of the unhealthiest cities in the country.  He started a grassroots movement- he first went to schools, then churches, and in the homes of the community.  He opens up a kitchen to teach people how to cook healthy.  He goes to an elementary school and completely changes their menu, and then the entire district adopts his change.  He talked to families and helped them learn to eat better.  And people all over the country, the world even, were watching this revolution unfold.  He made so many people aware, and for that I am so thankful.  He kept quoting a statistic through the whole series that is shocking and scary.  The statistic is that in the year 2010, children with obesity will not outlive their parents.  How scary is that?
Last weekend, I went to a Juice + party.  And it really opened my eyes to what I feed my kids.  There was a lot of talk about nutrition labels and ingredients that I had never looked at for my children.  When I looked at the apple sauce I have been feeding G for the past week or so, I saw that one of the first 3 ingredients is high fructose corn syrup.  Never mind that on the front of the package it says a healthy snack for kids!  A lot of what Juice + is all about is exactly what Jamie Oliver is trying to convey to the world.  Eat healthy things.  Eat fresh produce as much and as often as you can.  Eat things that come from the farm, not a factory.  I know how hard it is to make kids (esp 2 year olds) eat healthy.  But it is our obligation as good parents to do it!  I think I have come a long way in my dieting process.  I used to buy all the "diet" goodies that would satisfy my sweet tooth.  The Skinny Cow, the 100 calorie packs, etc. etc.  Now I am really more about eating natural, fresh, foods.  And if I fall off the wagon, its ok!  I just get back on and try to avoid them.  Weigh in is tomorrow, and I am pretty sure I did well.  We shall see...

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