So, neither twinnie has written in a while,

and I know you have missed us! Not much new to report here, just plugging along. I'm still working out with the personal trainer and trying to eat healthy. My husband and I had some friends in town this past weekend, and it was really nice. Since we don't know that many people in the area, we had big plans of going out, shopping, and just hanging around. We went to a brewery and out to dinner and we barbecued and watched baseball. It was great! It made me realize that I have really cut the social drinking out of my life, and this alone is probably helping contribute to my weight loss.

I digress. I went shopping with my girlfriend that was in town, and I think I realized that I am now a size 10. Which, ladies and gentleman, hasn't seen my body in many years. So I am excited. But you know how sometimes different stores sizes run differently. But still. To feel very comfortable in a 10 was quite encouraging. So that is my motivation for the week- stay in those size 10 jeans and dress I just bought! Woo hoo!

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