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Hi everyone.  I have had some serious problem with blogging.  I have signed in and started to write a post so many times and then I just get writers block or something.  I just feel like right now I have nothing to write about!  Except that Last week I lost 2 lbs and this week I lost 1.6.  I know this looks exciting, but for some reason I feel very apathetic towards it all right now.  I have been pretty good about writing down what I have been eating and sticking to that, its just the fact that I haven't exercised!
I have not done a P90X video in at least a week.  Now that the Hub can't work out with me at night, my work out time is during nap.  But nap time is SO precious to me.  That is when I clean the house, make dinner, fold laundry, etc. etc. and if I am lucky, catch a nap or sit down to watch one of my favorite shows ever, Color Splash.  So I am thinking about doing an exercise class that would get me out of the house when he is home and then I would have other people (even if they are strangers) to work out with.  My rec center offers a jazzercise class that looks like a lot of fun.  I will keep you updated on that though.
Here are some other "issues" I have been wanting to talk about:
Vegetable fiber bread.  Has anyone out there tried any?  Its pretty good.  2 slices is only 70 calories, so I can pile on a little extra meat or cheese without feeling guilty.
Earth Grains: 35 Reduced Calorie Vegetable Fiber Wheat Bread, 16 oz
The Dukan diet. My husband found this on the internet and it is definitely a fad diet, But!  We might try it just to kick-start some quick weight loss for us.  It is very similar to South Beach, with its own "phases."  It says if you follow it, you can lose up to 11 lbs in 2 days.  What the what?  I will let you know if and when we do it.  Looks like a lot more work than I would prefer, but if it could help us win biggest loser, than I might consider it.
Speaking of Biggest Loser, Shannon and Tom won again last weigh-in, those jerks!    We will see what happens this week!  Ok, I must go.  Go to our page on facebook to offer us some motivational tips- we NEED it!!!


  1. Hey Moe! I have switched to early morning workouts. I've NEVER considered my self to be a morning person, so I didn't know if I'd be able to keep it up. But for the past 6 weeks. I've been exercising before my hubby leaves for work. My Reason: so that he could do P90x in the evenings instead of take time out of his days to watch the girls while I exercised. I really like it now! Its still tough to get up some days, but getting my workout in 1st thing is so freeing! I don't have to think about it for the rest of the day. I hear you on the nap-time thing. I used to try to do workout video during naps, and it was more stressful than anything. BTW....if you are looking for something else to try, Turbo Jam is really fun to do! I've never enjoyed working out so much!

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    Happy Friday Follow! Hope to Blog with you again soon!

  3. Don't loose 11 lbs in 2 days!!! NOT HEALTHY!!


  4. I'm a new follower. 11 pounds in two days sounds impossible. I had the flu and ate nothing for 5 days and lost only eight pounds-which I promptly gained back!


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