My Weigh-in and a delicious beginning

I am a bit disappointed to report that I only lost 1 lb this week.  I can blame some of it on my disastrous weekend, but I have to see where else I can make some changes.  I am going to cut my daily intake by 2 points (100 caloris) and exercise more.  If I keep this up I am going to have to start calling this blog Skinnie Twinnie/Fat Twinnie!
I start this week with new devotion.  My breakfast was amazing- my mother in law gave me this idea- she made it for me when she visited last year.  This was about 5-6 points (about 300 calories).

Nonstick spray
Sandwhich Thins
Slice of cheese
Slice of turkey (or ham, or whatever is low in fat)
1/2 cup Southwestern style eggbeaters
Little bowl, about the same size circumfrence as the bread (in pictures later)

1. Toast the bread.  I like putting them back to back in the same slot.  If you put one in each slot, they tend to bend.

2. Spray the bowl with nonstick spray, and pour 1/2 cup of the eggbeaters into it.  Microwave on high for a minute, until it looks like this:

I took this picture as soon as the timer went off- it won't stay this high for long!

3. Once bread is out of the toaster, top each side- one with cheese and one with your choice of meat, and microwave on high for 20 seconds or so.  Then add the cooked eggbeaters and....................

4.  Try your hardest not to scarf it down in 1 bite!  Yum yum, can't wait for my next one for breakfast!  From start to finish, this probably took me about 3 minutes to make.  Perfect for a crazy morning, and so healthy!


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