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About me:
I am 27 and happily married to my college sweetheart, Chris. We have two beautiful baby girls- G is 2 1/2 years old and E is 8 months old. We live in Dallas. Last year was my 5th year of teaching 3rd graders. I quit my job in May to stay at home. I mostly love staying at home, I sometimes miss teaching and planning and talking to adults on a regular basis!  I plan to go back someday.  I grew up watching my mom do weight watchers and she still knows how to eat healthfully.  Weight watchers is what we know, so that's what Shan and I will stick to.  I have a wonderful family!  I have 2 other sisters and a brother, which makes me one of 5.  My husband is the oldest of 10 and its always a party at their house.  I have always, always loved food. I can always eat, even if I am not hungry.

Why I need to lose weight::
I am 27 years old.  27 years old people!!!!  I could stand to lose up to 45 pounds.  I am still wearing maternity clothes, most of which are black-remember black is slimming!  (why do you think this blog is black??)  This summer, when I am trying to survive the hot Texas summer with my two little ones, you will find us at the pool.  And I would like for you to find me at the pool without a t-shirt and shorts covering me up!  I will want a real tan.  I want to feel good about body again, like I did about 25 lbs ago.  I know how to lose weight- knowing is the easy part.  Its the actual DOING that is hard for me.  This blog will help me DO!

I could probably go on and on here, but here are foods that I have trouble saying no to:
ice cream
mexican food
bread and (real) butter
hot cocoa
any and all chocolate

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  1. Ok. I will stop bringing you hot chocolate. Or maybe we could just share a cup?


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