Wii Personal Trainer

It is really hard to work out when you are a SAHM with little ones!  (actually, I feel like it is hard no matter what your situation in life is;)  For my birthday last year, my hub gave me the wii personal trainer.  I LOVE it!  The workouts take 20-30 minutes, it tells you how many calories you are burning, and best of all, you can do all of it from the privacy of your own home!  I always feel kind of self-conscious when I am running on a treadmill at a public gym with lots of mirrors and lots of people!  I have been trying to do it during naptime so I don't have any interruptions- however on Saturday I decided to do it while G was awake (and hub was at work).  She watched me workout while eating her lunch.  Between bites of chicken nugget, she said "mom, after you are done working out, do you want to be skinny like me?"

If only!

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