Starbuck's Skinny Vanilla Latte

As I was waiting for Costco to open today (I am never early for anything since having my second child, so this was a first) I saw across the parking lot a drive thru Starbucks.  It has been a loooooooooong time since I have gotten a coffee there, and for many reasons.  1) I don't really like coffee.  I need lots of sugar and syrups put in my coffee in order for me to drink it. 2) Budget 3) Diet
But I decided to kill some time and pull on up to the drive-thru.  And what do you know, but it was as if they knew this "skinnietwinnie" was coming, because there was a beautiful sign on the intercom that said Skinny Vanilla Latte, just 90 calories!  I had to get it, and it was pretty yummy(for a coffee).  So later, I went on their website and found that they have quite a few drinks for under 100 calories!  Have a look and see what you think: Starbucks low cal drinks.

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  1. Now we can go get coffee together!!! Wahoooooo! Finally!!!!


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