I Lost My Baby...in pounds!

Before you read this post, go take a gander at my weight loss ticker.  Are you amazed?  I have lost 22 lbs!  I am so freaking pumped!!  The other day I weighed my dear baby E, and that sweet little porker weighs 22 lbs!  I feel like my arms have some pretty good muscles lately since i have been carrying her around more often due to her constant teething-tantrums!  So now, when I pick her up, and have to heave her up onto my shoulder I can think, WHOA.  I used to carry this around on my body!  Kind of weird to think about.  And kind of exciting to think that is off of me!  Still got a ways to go though folks.  Right now I am thinking about swimsuit season.  And although I look ok in my regular clothes, I don't look ok at all in a swimsuit!  What am I to do?  I want to be poolside everyday this summer and there is just not enough time before the pool opens for me to lose it all.  So I guess I need some advice on some mom-figure friendly swimsuits that are also cute.  Any ideas?  Lata!

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  1. First of all, Congrats on your weight loss! You are rockin' girl! I have lost my motivation in the last few months...and it's been tough. Following you from Friday Follow...stop by sometime soon! Happy Mother's Day!


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