Biggest Loser is winding down...

So the results from last week's BL weigh-in are in, and the hub and I won!  My percentage alone beat out any other couple, so that was quite exciting to see.  Next Wednesday is the next BL weigh-in, and then 2 more weeks and that is it.  SO the stakes are pretty high.  Shan and Tom are in the lead- they have lost around 27% of their weight combined.  Chris and I are in second place with losing almost 24% combined.  So, if Chris and I continue to lose and IF Tom and Shan gain or maintain, we might pull it off.  In an effort to squeeze every last ounce off of us, Chris and I made a deal.  I will exercise everyday if he does weight watchers with me everyday.  That means I am going to keep track of everything he eats and he is going to make sure I do some sort of exercise EVERY day.  Thus far, Chris has really only been eating healthy (which is awesome) but its time to step it up and start counting his calories(points).  And its going to be REALLY hard, because in these next 3 weeks, it is jam-packed with family coming in town and I am throwing a huge birthday bash for us girls.  (Our birthdays are May 20- E, May 24- G, and May 27-Me!)  Aside from that , we literally have family staying with us for like 18 days straight.  And you know when family comes into town, well at least for me, I tend to let calorie counting slide.
And in other news, my older sister (you know, the one who is practically perfect in every way) has joined this weight loss train.  She has 2 little ones and wants to get rid of that last 5 or 10 lbs that tend to stay on after those sweet babies are born.  So I have been trying to help her out with counting her points as well.  SO good luck Meg!  And good luck to us!  Later!

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