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Weigh in was ok today!  I lost 2.8 lbs in this 2 week time frame.  We are still in 2nd place with the Biggest Loser.  The hub is totally talking it up that we can win this.  He is saying that I "only have to lose 7 lbs till next weigh in (June 2nd)."  Hmm.  ONLY?  I have never lost that much in 2 weeks, or even really in 3 weeks so I hate to break it to him but I just don't think I can do 7.  MAYBE 5 if I try really hard.  And I will try hard.  Today I have already taken a 2 mile walk in the hot Dallas sun.  This is going to be a tough weekend to get through with the birthday party bash on Saturday.  We shall see, we shall see!  Shan lost 1.1 in this 2 week time frame, and she is really only about 8 lbs away from her goal!  I am halfway to my goal.  I have lost 25 and would LOVE to lose 25 more.  Here is an interesting fact for ya:  right now I weigh what Shan weighed when we started this blog.  Skinnie Twinnies unite in July again so we will see how we measure up again...

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