Family family!

This week, the McHugh clan is taking over Atlanta. I can't describe how excited I am. My parents and brother got in Monday, my little sister gets in Thursday, and my skinnie twinnie and family gets in Saturday! It's going to be a LEGENDARY reunion!! :) I can't wait.

Today was weigh in, and I lost .2 lbs. That isn't much, but I consider it a victory considering my trip to Florida this week, and lack of exercise since last Thursday. I think my hamstring is fully healed, and the only exercise I did get was swimming in the ocean. :) Spring training was amazing! The picture is just the most exciting thing about the spring. Cardinal baseball. Love it!

So, this morning bright and early, I was back with the trainer. He kicked my booty, but I feel great today! We are going again tomorrow at 6am! Woop! And, my skinnie twinnie is in for a surprise- I scheduled an appointment with the trainer for the both of us while she is here! Get ready to have P90X challenged! :)

Happy Easter everyone!

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