Late weigh in

Sorry I didn't post yesterday!  It was a busy day since it was so gorgeous here in Dallas.  Instead of staying in and blogging, I went on two walks with my daughters and ended up at our park.  (I mean, can you blame me?)  This week's weigh in was much better, I lost 1.4 lbs.  I wish I could just be more consistent, but what can you do?  This was also biggest loser weigh in so I was at a total of 1.8 in 2 weeks and my husband was at 5+ for the 2 weeks.  It makes me crazy that men can lose so much so fast.  We are going to take some more walks today, as it is just as gorgeous as yesterday!

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  1. Its seriously so much easier for men. Congrats though, every pound counts. It just means your moving closer to your goal. Its a lifelong journey

    Anyways, I found you via FF and am happy to now be following. Follow back at http://jotgiveaways.blogspot.com


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